Ash Bar tasting menu  50


breakfast for dinner

Eve’s baby biscuits, butter 4

The Nomad Egg Sando // Taylor pork roll, cheddar,

hash brown 10

Taylor pork hash, fried egg 11

house lox plate, crostini, ramps 13



Nomad burger 9

Sriracha fries with nutritional yeast 5

radicchio Caesar 12

shigoku oysters, pickled radish (6) 18

foie gras toast, black truffle 30

cauliflower soup, fried cauliflower, croutons 9 add American grilled cheese sandwich 4

caramelized Brussels sprouts, fish sauce, chili 10

pickle plate 12

pork posole 17

PB&J 8

preserved and caramelized cabbage, saffron, espillette 10

sandwich flight // filet-o-fish, Taylor pork, bay shrimp salad 14

halibut, cabbage, spicy tomato 18



autumn fritter, chamomile, cinnamon ice cream 10

granola, sweet yogurt 10