Nomad.PDX is an artistic think-tank that revolutionizes the experience of fine dining.


Based in Portland, Oregon, Nomad.PDX does away with traditional whitetablecloth dining for a breathable and expressive environment.

Without sacrificing the high quality of the food, Nomad.PDX sheds the model of the past through its development of a natural, hands-on approach meant to showcase the beauty of food and its origins.

The same can be said of it's beverage program. Nomad.PDX eschews the large production and industrially made wines that plague restaurants around the country, focusing on wines made with zero additives, in a natural and raw manner. The bar follows suit, emphasizing seasonality, innovation and a  playful approach to craft cocktails.

Nomad.PDX invites guests on their food sourcing journey from the earth to the dinner plate through a new atmospheric dining approach.